APRIL 2019: Is Your Online Listing Search Friendly?

Often the first impression that a client gets of your small business is your online listing.

With search engines like Google and Bing being only clicks away, it is all too important that small business owners work to make a good first impression through their online listings. Clients often utilize search engines or social media, like Facebook, to find products or services that are well-rated and compatible with their needs. Companies that have comprehensive online listings are at an advantage, so get started now on revamping your online listing.

Here are five things that a great online listing should have that will set your small business up for success:

List of Professional Industries

Potential clients should not have to wonder what sorts of services your business offers. Put your professional industries up front and center for those that may stumble upon your business listing so that they know exactly why they would come to you. The less the client has to search around, the better. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab them at the onset.

Additionally, search engines need to know how to list you.
Make sure ALL of the professional industries you serve are included so you come up more often in online searches.
We want to be searched as much as possible.

Website URL

This almost should be left unsaid, but it isn’t rare to come across an online listing that is missing the company’s website URL. From the client’s perspective, missing a link to the business’ website is frustrating and can often lead to them clicking onto a business that does have its URL listed. Give clients all of the information that they need to convince them that your business is right for them. Our listing is a teaser, once they click through to the website we’ve got them hooked.

Bonus tip: if you are in the service industry, make sure that you include a link for clients to make appointments, often called an Appointment URL, so that they can easily get in touch with your business. Do what you can to make things as easy as possible for your clients!

Reviews from Clients

It is very important to include reviews of your company in your business listing. Potential clients want to know that other people find your small business to be an asset, and reviews are often the first place that people go to determine whether they want to patronize your business. Ask your current clients who are satisfied with your business to review their experience online by giving your company five stars and a good written comment. A review that has written feedback is much more valuable to potential clients than a review without any commentary.

Did you check out the video that accompanied this article?
Reviews are a huge boost to our search listing!


In the case that a potential client wants to visit your business’ location, it is wise to have posted photos of your building. Your online listing should have photos of the outside of the establishment so that the client will easily be able to see your business on the street, the inside of the location so that they can know what your office has to offer, and any other relevant areas that the customer should know about prior to visiting your location. Clients should not be surprised upon arrival, so make sure that your listing comprehensively surveys your small business.

Direct Contact Information

Last but not least, it is critical to have the direct contact information that clients may need to get in touch with your business. Businesses that don’t have a phone number or email address listed will suffer if a client wanted to get in touch for more information. Providing this information is the simplest way to ensure that clients will have access to you and your business, so don’t forget to update your listing to include your small business’ contact information.

Extra Tips!

For specific industries, it may benefit your small business to include information about the services you offer and where you’re able to offer the service. For example, you should include the cost of your services and what exactly the customer will receive at a given price. If your company offers specials or discounts, make sure to include those on your listing, such as a restaurant that offers “All You Can Eat” on a Wednesday should state that on its online listing. Also, make it clear whether your business travels if it does and its boundaries so that clients are not left guessing whether your company will service them.

Creating or updating your business’ online listing isn’t difficult, and it is the first step toward making the best first impression to potential clients. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to solicit new business through search engines and social media! Promote your small business with all of the relevant content to make a client choose you, such as including a list of professional industries, website URL, reviews from clients, photos of your business location, and direct contact information. With these five parts of a great online listing, your business will be well on its way toward success.

Do you need help making your online listing the best it can be? We’d love to help, feel free to reach out to contact Austin@GinerisLtd.com.