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We will always be early adopters of best practice technology and we’re committed to educating our customers on the benefits. 

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Client Portal / File Upload

Access published documents like tax returns and financial statements, and upload your own documents to us using the secure client portal.

Don’t use the portal? Securely upload documents to us using the second button below.

ADP Run Login


ADP Run Payroll is fast, easy, and affordable payroll software — and it’s designed specifically for small business owners..

With cloud-based payroll software and automatic tax filing, you can focus on the stuff that really matters while RUN handles the rest.

Bill.com login


Bill.com eliminates double data entry and provides paperless accounts payable and account receivable.

The cloud-based payments platform allows users to approve bills on the go on their mobile device and pay bills electronically with a single click. All payments paid and received are automatically synced, so no double entry is required to keep your books up to date.


Work smarter. Grow faster. Go further.
Dext allows you to automate the menial, manual tasks that clog up your day. Allowing you more time to do work on the things that matter to you. With instant receipt submission and their world class data extraction software, submitting a receipt is as easy as snapping a picture and hitting submit.

HubDoc login


Hubdoc is a must-have app for anyone interested in automating their bookkeeping workflow and eliminating data entry.

Hubdoc automatically pulls your bills and statements into one secure hub. This means you have one login to view and manage the documents from all of your accounts.

Investment Portfolio

Log in to check your investment portfolio.

Get a current status update on the performance of your wealth and retirement resources.

Mile IQ Login


Stress-free logging. Accurate mileage reports. All in the palm of your hand.

MileIQ catches your drives automatically. The app runs in the background tracking your miles and creating a comprehensive record of your drives.

Classify drives with ease. Swipe right for business drives – swipe left for personal drives. Easily add details such as parking, tolls or drive purposes to suit your specific needs.

Save time and hassle of logging mileage. Get your accountant real data, real easy. 


Money Guide Pro

Investing scenarios visualized in real time.

View investment reports and explore potential investing scenarios in real-time.

Can’t login? Contact Tim Shaw.


Slack is where work collaborates to get results.

Slack is an easy to use instant messaging app to keep in touch with your small business success team. Each small business is placed into a private channel with their tax and accounting team. It’s important to have your financial team available at your fingertips anytime and anywhere.

Where’s my Tax Refund?

Track your federal or state tax refund.

You will need your social security number or ITIN, your filing status, and the exact refund amount.

Xero Gold Partner login


Xero’s cloud accounting software is designed to make small business easier. The Xero Dashboard is an instant health check for your business.

It’s simple, smart and occasionally magical accounting software with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business. Log in anytime, anywhere from your computer or mobile device to get a real-time view of your cash flow. 

Like Gineris & Associates, Xero is always secure and reliable and provides expert support.

Kind words from happy clients

Outstanding service & reliability. The best!

George Dunlap, Owner / Creative Director, George Dunlap Design

Gineris & Associates is the single best decision I made when I started my company!

Kathleen A. LaBrosse, President & CEO, The Highlander Group MMC, Inc