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You can always call our main number at 219.864.4800, but below are the direct dial phone numbers to reach staff, enabling you to bypass our receptionist.

Staff Contacts

Pat Gineris, CPA, EA, Managing Principal   219.359.4185   Schedule a meeting with me    Pat’s Meeting Room

Mark Gineris, EA, Principal   219.359.4214   Schedule a meeting with me    Mark’s Meeting Room

Tim Shaw, Financial Advisor   219.359.4205   Schedule a meeting with me    Tim’s Meeting Room

Mary Lynn Wagner, Account Manager and Office Manager  219.359.4145   Schedule a meeting with me

Pam Gineris, Account Manager  219.359.4224   Schedule a meeting with me

Margaret Jonas, Account Manager and Tax Preparer  219.359.4155   Schedule a meeting with me

Callie Stephens, EA, Account Manager  219.359.4157   Schedule a meeting with me

Dina Robinson, Account Manager  219.359.4223   Schedule a meeting with me

Maria Lucente, CPA, Tax Preparer  219.359.4189   Schedule a meeting with me

Dave Betz, Chief Success Officer  219.359.4140

Shelle Hoffman, Office Administrator  219.359.2226

Ryan Day, I.T. Director

Scott Zivkovich, Accountant

2005 Hart St
Dyer, IN 46311

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