Save Time and Money: Send Us Your Documents Online

ant to save time and money? Consider sending us your tax documents electronically, securely, and easily this year through your client portal or our password-free secure upload, and avoid the hassle of driving into the office.


Many clients enjoy our expedited tax services. Just submit your tax documents, we’ll prepare your return, and we’ll get in touch with questions, if we need more information, or when your return is ready.

For those of you who schedule an appointment with our tax professionals, we remind you to please get us your tax documents at least five days before we see you in-person or online so that we have adequate time to scan and review your documents and prepare a draft of your return. Reviewing your draft return and discussing tax strategies with your tax professional (as well as catching up with one another) is a much better experience and use of time than watching your tax professional enter data in front of you while you watch.


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Certainly you can drive to our office to drop off documents or utilize services like certified mail, FedEx, or UPS to send them to us. But we invite you to consider saving the trip, the travel time, gas, and postage. You can do it all online if you want. Send us your documents securely through the portal, have your one-on-one meeting online through Zoom, and even review your tax return electronically and sign the form to have us file it with the IRS! Of course, if you need any assistance, our Front Desk staff are always happy to help. Just call us or email us!

What can you do by saving a trip to the office? You could spend more time with your family. You could stay warm, safe, and secure by avoid driving in this crazy cold and icy weather. You could buy yourself a hot meal. What you do with your spare time and money is up to you! Ask us how you can save time and money this tax season. We’re here to offer you several convenient methods make your life easier and better during tax time.


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Happy Tax Season!

-Gineris & Associates.