Virtual Front Desk

Get live help during office hours from our friendly front desk staff virtually.

Computer Users must have a working microphone and speaker.

Enter the Front Desk

If this is your first Zoom meeting, watch the video below.

ComputerMobile Devices


• Click to join the Virtual Front Desk. (First time only. Desktop: download Zoom. Mobile: Download the Zoom app on Apple Store or Play Store)

• Enter your name and join the waiting room.

• (Computer) Test your audio inside of the waiting room. Users must have a working microphone and speaker.

• Once you’re let into the Virtual Front Desk, click “Join Audio” in the bottom left.

• (OPTIONAL) Click the Start Video icon (bottom left) so we can see you.

• (AS APPLICABLE) Click the green “Share Screen” button (bottom middle) so we can see what is happening on your device.

Computer Interface

Mobile Interface

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Download Anything?

Will You See Me?

I'm Having Problems With My Audio, Can You Help?