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Tax Strategies to Maximize Wealth for Small Businesses

Run Date: 7/31/18 – 8/17/18

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Join us for this fun, light, brief, high-value presentation. Save taxes and maximize wealth by taking full advantage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Join Pat Gineris, CPA and Managing Principal of Gineris & Associates, and Tim Shaw, Partner and Financial Advisor of Gineris Wealth Management in this free, fast-paced, humorous but educational 30-minute webinar as they explain key strategies and actions you can take to get the greatest benefit from the new tax law.

This webinar has no future dates planned. To watch a live recording of this webinar and receive information about future webinars, register HERE.

Update: The IRS has corrected the M&E regulations discussed around the 5:40 mark. For updated regulations, please READ MORE.