As business owners, sometimes we set large, overwhelming goals. Whether it is expanding the business, moving locations, taking on big projects, or numerous other objectives, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel when starting the process of achieving our business endeavors. How can we accomplish monumental goals?


The answer is to adjust your approach. If the way you have always approached significant tasks and goals has created anxiety, it is time to change the way that you face them. Here are a few ways to rethink the way to undertake your goals:


  1. Create Achievable Milestones

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Rather than attempt to tackle the goal in its entirety, break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks to accomplish. Looking at your goals as one giant chore to defeat can be discouraging, and it is often difficult to begin work when you feel deterred, let alone see the project through. For example, if your aim is to distribute one thousand packages of product, think of packaging one or two hundred boxes at a time. Walk away at the end of the first couple hundred boxes to work on another project, then come back to your packaging assignment ready to take on another hundred boxes. It is much less overwhelming to imagine yourself working with one hundred packages than one thousand. Apply this to all of your business projects, and see how much easier it is to accomplish your goals.


  1. Reanalyze Your Time

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Since there’s only twenty-four hours in a day, we often say “there’s not enough time to finish everything.” While this may be true, we could probably better spend our time. Jot down your schedule for the day and assign time slots for each task. Rather than have a To-Do list on your desk that is undefined and nonspecific, utilize a detailed hourly calendar to have a concrete goal of what you want to accomplish. If you only have eight hours on the clock, how will you spend it to ensure maximum productivity? Working without a set plan could allow for wasted valuable time that could have been spent on your goals rather than pondering “what should I do next?”. Spend the five to ten minutes in the morning planning out your day to avoid wasting hours attempting to figure out how to spend your time. Remember to have brief check-ins throughout the day to ensure that your schedule is still sensible based on whatever progress has been made toward the goal.


  1. Remove Distractions

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When you’ve finally broken your goals down and properly scheduled out your day, remove whatever could distract you from finishing your planned tasks. Whether it is putting your smartphone in the drawer so you don’t painstakingly check every email and notification every two minutes (including non-work related ones, too!), setting your Zoom, or other IM platform, to  “Do Not Disturb”, or even closing the door to your office as a sign to those around that you are currently preoccupied, it is important to create a time and space that allows you to properly dedicate yourself to your goals. Minimize your distractions to maximize the quality of your work.


Remember that when facing large goals, it is always best to be realistic with yourself and what you can accomplish in the day. Make sure to create achievable milestones or break down your goals into smaller, more manageable tasks to maintain optimal motivation towards your objective. Reanalyze your time in order to create the best schedule suited for accomplishing your goals. That schedule should be flexible and sensible, but it should also be specific. Don’t forget to remove distractions from your work space. With only so much time in the day, you don’t want to waste it with avoidable interruptions. Follow these easy steps to accomplish any goal!