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Being the Boss that Inspires Employees

April 4, 2019 | Gineris

Being a successful small business owner is so much more than making a profit. A successful small business owner should be someone that inspires their employees. Embodying the traits of a role...Read More

How To Keep Yourself Focused as a Leader

February 21, 2019 | Gineris

Being a good leader can be challenging, but one hurdle that can be especially difficult to overcome is finding the drive to lead well. Daily stresses can add up, and when work gets even more...Read More

Keys to Success Blog Post

Two Major Keys to Leading a Successful Life

January 30, 2019 | Gineris

Sometimes the secret to success is too obvious that it gets overlooked. This week, let’s discuss what really makes someone successful and how you can apply it to your own life.   When...Read More

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The Surprising Power of an Online Presence

December 26, 2018 | Gineris

Struggling to market your small business? The solution is to foster a greater online presence. Image Source While it can be tempting to either let your product or service speak for themselves or...Read More

SMART Goals: Rethink How You Set Goals

September 24, 2018 | Gineris

Setting good goals is one of the most basic ways to achieve small business success, but what can we do as business owners to set the best goals?   We’ve talked about how important it is...Read More