Last week, we discussed why switching to the cloud is best for your small business, but this week, let’s get a little more personal. How can working from home with the cloud benefit you, the individual?


As entrepreneurs, we all know the struggle to balance our time at the office and our time at home. Sometimes, it feels like we live at the office. With cloud based systems, you aren’t always stuck at work, tied to a specific computer in your office. The cloud allows you to access work from home, and having the ability to work from home allows you to work when you’re most comfortable, ready, and willing to work. No longer must you adhere to the rules and regulations of the office setting. With the convenience of the cloud, the only problem you’ll have is knowing when to turn off the system.

Woman working in the afternoon from her home office

Working from home also means you’ll have a lot more freedom choosing your hours as a business owner. Your child has a game after school at 3? Normally, you’d be stuck at the office without the cloud. With the cloud, you can leave your home office to attend your child’s game and still have the freedom to pick up some work afterwards. Night owls, early birds, and weekend workers can rejoice by switching to the cloud, too. The cloud allows entrepreneurs to function however they do best with flexibility and freedom.


When you and your employees have the ability to work from home, you instantly reduce the number of unscheduled absences. The flexibility that the cloud offers means that entrepreneurs and their employees can often schedule around doctor appointments, family emergencies, and various other issues that might arise during the workday. Even the issues of mild illness can be negated, so that those that are sick can continue to do most of their work without infecting their coworkers.


With the ability to work from home at any time during the day, the cloud also gives entrepreneurs the chance to work with anyone from around the globe. Connectivity will never be an issue, and if your business needs to hire someone that lives several states away to do things like bookkeeping or account management, you can. The options for hiring solutions are unlimited with the cloud, and once you switch, you’ll never want to go back to only having a brick-and-mortar business.

Man plans his business from his home office

In essence, the cloud brings entrepreneurs greater productivity over time. Integrating the cloud into your work life allows you the freedom to work from home, which means that your schedule is more flexible, and your business will deal with fewer unscheduled absences with the greater connectivity that being on the cloud allows. In the end, switching over to the cloud will save your company time and money, and bring your business success in the future.

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