Remote working is all the rage for good reason! Although it is a great asset to the workplace, it takes skill to create a successful remote working environment that promotes productivity.

Setting up a productive workplace in-house takes skill, but it possibly requires a little more care to turn your home into a viable environment that will ensure success. It is all too easy to say that you’ll just plug in your laptop and do work on the couch. We know, though, that a setup like that could only lead to disaster. Creating a part of your home that fosters creativity and productivity is integral to succeeding as a remote worker, and here are three facets of a productive remote working space.

An accountant using Xero works from her home office.

Be Purposeful with Office Design

First and foremost, we recommend having a dedicated office space. Even if you don’t have a separate room set aside specifically to host an office space, it is important to have a portion of your home that is allotted for workspace. This spot that is devoted to work will put you in the mindset of being at work even though you’re at home. The same way that your living room couch promotes relaxation in front of the television or your bedroom encourages you to feel sleepy, you must have a space that signals to your brain that it is time to work.

Similarly to the importance of having a dedicated space in one’s home, considering how to arrange your workspace is equally as significant. Not only do the ergonomics of your chair affect how you work, but the environment that surrounds you does. Think about the way your desk is set up. Think about the light in the room. Think about the ventilation. All of these factors affect your mood and ultimately affect how well you’ll work. Consider them carefully.

Don’t be afraid to personalize your work setup as much as you’d like without being overly distracting. Photos of your friends and family and small trinkets can all add to your environment and make you more inclined to feel motivated to work, but don’t go overboard. Make sure that your personal items add spirit to your space without getting in the way.

Choose Software Well

The easiest way to make sure that all things run smoothly while working from home is to make sure that your systems are set up with the proper equipment. That means having the software that is needed to do your job well. Not only should you have the necessary software installed on your home system, but your home should also be equipped with an adequate internet provider. Ensure that your home computer has access to a strong internet connection; we recommend investing in an ethernet port, which is more reliable than WIFI. Having the right technology at home is the best way to ensure that you can easily navigate the workday without any unnecessary hiccups.

Foster a Supportive Work Culture

Even from afar, a work culture can still be cultivated. Make sure that you’re doing your part to foster a healthy, positive community where your employees feel supported even though they aren’t in the same building. The atmosphere online can sometimes be even more difficult to develop since there is less face-to-face contact. A lot of the interaction between coworkers occur primarily through email chains and instant messaging applications. It is imperative that a remote workforce builds a team spirit so that no one feels unsupported and alone in solving any problem.

A yOung Professional Works From his Laptop At Home

Working remotely has many benefits, but there are some concepts that must be thought about differently in comparison to on-site settings. Sometimes, the easiest way to make sure that small business owners and their employees are productive when working from home is to promote having purposeful office design, choosing software well, and creating a supportive workplace environment.