Great customer service is crucial to small business success! Your clientele is what keeps your business afloat, so make sure you put your best foot forward and invest in their experience with your company.

When your customers have reason to positively rave about your business, they will, and the reviews will travel to their community. The same goes for negative experiences! It is imperative that the impact your employees make upon your clientele is positive.

Here are four ways to focus on customer service at its base– your employees:

Set Customer Service Standards

Without a doubt, it is extremely difficult to deliver excellent customer service if you don’t have a plan of action set in the first place. Before your employees even interact with clientele, they must know what is expected of them. Your employees should be able to answer the big questions, such as: what to say to clients, how they should address clients, when to address them, etc. Leave nothing to guess work, and set standard client-interaction protocols before throwing your employees out on the front line.

employees working as a team to provide customer service
Make sure you are NOT the only expert in your product or service.

Encourage Teamwork

When teaching employees how to best serve clients, ensure that they understand that teamwork is key. Employees should be able to depend on one another, and creating a cooperative environment can be the difference between satisfying and disappointing a customer. Get all your employees on the same page regarding customer service standards, promote a supportive working community, and enjoy the positive feedback you’ll receive from clients.

Empower Employees

Workers who feel trusted by their leaders often make greater connections with the clientele. When employees know that their bosses have faith in their ability to interact with customers, they will make greater strides to live up to the expectations set for them. Allow them to have the freedom to make things right with clients and build good relationships with customers

Vitrual customer service team handle online questions
Leverage Technology! Be able to answer questions in person or online.

Sell Your Business to Your Employees

Just like your customers, your employees have to buy into your business. They have to have faith in your product or service to be able to properly sell it to your clientele. If your employees don’t believe in what they’re selling, they won’t adequately be able to serve your customers. Make sure that your workers understand and support your brand to drive up successful customer service. 

Serving customers well is pivotal in building a thriving small business, and impressive customer service starts with setting employees up for success by setting up client-service protocol that encourages teamwork while empowering employees. Also, remember to sell your business to employees so that your workers on the front line are the ones who know, love, and believe in your business and its goals. Start with these four steps, and watch your employees attract clientele to your customer-driven business.