Motivation: How Successful Entrepreneurs Stay Driven

As business owners, it can be difficult to stay motivated when we are our own bosses. Keeping ourselves accountable is our own responsibility, so what can we do to maintain motivation?

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Remember Why You Started


When the daily goings get difficult, it is easy to start wondering why you’re working so hard to build a small business when Corporate America could offer the comforts of just going through the motions. Think about why you chose to diverge from the beaten path and start your own business. Whether it was to supply a specific product or service or for personal satisfaction, keep in mind that you began this journey for a reason and should see it through.

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Keep Personal Goals and Set Reminders


Stay on track yourself by writing down your own set of goals and coordinating reminders. It is easy to get caught up in all the small inner workings of your company and feel lost when finally sitting down at your desk to start on your own projects. Keeping your own running lists separate from or adjacent to the overall schedule of your business will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the day.

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Maintain Healthy Habits


Being an entrepreneur is a demanding job, and often it can feel like it is never ending, especially if you work from home. Establish boundaries in your schedule: time for work and time off. Don’t forget to give yourself breaks to breathe and walk away. You need time to rest, time to eat, time to be active. Compartmentalizing time and creating space for yourself will help you keep your head above water when it is time to come back to the desk.

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Encourage and Reward Yourself


Just like your employees, you need to tell yourself when you’re doing a good job. Boost yourself up with affirmations that you’ve done well after a project was completed or keep motivational quotes around your office if you need written reminders that you can accomplish what you’ve set out to do. You’re human and need positive encouragement throughout your workday, too! That idea doesn’t exclude rewards either. CEOs at Fortune 500 companies get bonuses at the end of a good quarter, so why can’t you find a way to reward yourself at the end of a great work week?


Owning a business is a tough job, and entrepreneurs need motivation to keep themselves going, too. They may sound simple, but some of the best ways to keep up your own morale as small business owners are straightforward. Keep personal goals and reminders to stay on track throughout your day, week, and year because it is all too easy to stray from your vision and feel lost. Keep your mind and body healthy because you can’t do your job well if you are constantly running on empty. Don’t forget to encourage and reward yourself because you’re a human just like anyone else. Positive reinforcements in even small doses can go a long way. Perhaps most importantly, remember why you embarked on this journey. You started a small business for a reason, and that enormous feat itself is something that should fuel you going forward.