Finding new ways to streamline our company processes is getting easier every year. This year, we recommend integrating Receipt Bank into your daily business practice to save you time, money, and stress. The concept is simple: Get handed your receipt, take picture of the receipt, submit your picture to the Receipt Bank app and let them take care of it for you. This software allows businesses to automate their bookkeeping, have easily accessible documentation of their accounting files, and provide better service to their clientele. Receipt Bank is one of our favorite tools at Gineris & Associates, and here are a few reasons why: Stop Wasting Time Saving physical receipts and invoices for any business expense is tedious and time-consuming. Rather than hoarding paper in physical filing cabinets, quickly scan your documents on your smartphone and upload them to Receipt Bank. Their software enables you to effortlessly collect, process, and publish all bookkeeping files. Everything is easily integrated from their mobile application to online cloud storage, and the process is painless for both you and your employees.

Utilize Time Saved Now that you have saved time, do something better with it. Maximize the hours you used to spend converting paper into PDFs to offer your clients better services, take on more clients, or work on new projects. Using Receipt Bank gives you a competitive edge and promotes better business practices.

Add Daily Value Whether you’re bettering your bookkeeping records in time for tax season or spending more time working with customers, using Receipt Bank adds daily value to your interactions by streamlining your accounting processes. You save time and money with Receipt Bank, and the more time you can spend that does not revolve around invoices and receipts, the better. Bookkeeping practices do not need to be such a headache. Rather than spending hours converting receipts and invoices to PDFs at the end of every month, scan everything in as you go with Receipt Bank. Their mobile application and online services allow for you and your clients to easily submit, store, and export their files in one place to save time and money. Not using Receipt Bank? Get in touch with your account manager. Stress less over your accounting services and save yourself time, we use it.