All small-businesses want to build and maintain a successful company! Let’s begin a very special series reviewing the top characteristics of the best businesses:


One of the most important parts of owning a business is having a vision. While the vision statement for a company is malleable as it grows and changes, small-business owners should give themselves and their employees a set projection of goals for the future. Unlike the mission statement that is broader and concerns the present day, the vision statements looks out further and prompts the business to keep moving toward a solid stated goal.


Keep in mind that these factors can apply not only to the overall vision of your company but also the individual goals for every business endeavor– big and small.

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Align your vision statement with your values and goals before setting out on a project. The values that your company holds true should be the structure for your vision statement. For example, if your company’s known for fast turnarounds, then make sure your vision’s time frame is set accordingly. It is important to make sure that you project what you value as a company and consistently live up to that standard because your values, goals, and vision are the promises you’ve made to your clients.


When following a project’s vision, your company’s passion is what will shine through on a job well done. Clients can tell when you’ve produced a product or service that you’re truly proud of, so remember to keep what drives your team at the forefront of your vision statement. The best way to stoke that passion? Create a challenging, yet attainable vision. Projects that feel worth it are the ones that make us work hard. It shouldn’t feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, but a little uphill climb never hurts the process.


Most importantly, make sure your employees know the vision. Everyone needs to be 100% on the same page to achieve success. Alert your employees at the onset about what you expect from them and what the project outcome should be. Communication is key to meeting company goals, and the vision statement should align everyone involved if they know it at the beginning.

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Having a strong, specific vision that you share with all of your employees at the onset garners success for small businesses. Make sure your passion shines through when you set challenging and attainable goals that promote your values as a company in order to set a clear path for your business.


Vision is only part of the process to becoming a successful business. Stay tuned next week as we talk about the importance of people in our workplace.