Continuing our best business series, let’s talk about the importance of hiring great people and how to have a successful hiring process:


Small business owners know that hiring the best people makes for the best business, but the process is not always easy. Sometimes, we get wrapped up in all of the pretentious advice from celebrity CEOs we find online who tell us to ask the potential hire a bunch of gimmicky questions, including the infamous inquiry about their spirit animal. While the answers could be interesting and maybe a tiny bit relative, these questions are a waste of time. An interview with a possible employee is such a short meeting, so it is already difficult to get a grasp on whether this person is a good fit for your business.

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When hiring someone new, interview a variety of people. Business owners of the past got caught up in hiring miniature versions of themselves. The thought process was that if you wanted something done well, then you need to have someone you trust to do it, and who do you trust more than yourself? It makes sense, but it makes for the least productive work environment where those with the same backgrounds, same experiences, same mindsets are in the creative spaces, and there isn’t much room for innovation when everyone’s mind is inside the same box.


Look everywhere for talent. This means not only look outside the company to fill a position, but also interview your current employees that may be looking to take on different work. The best hires come all over, so keep your mind open while going through this process.


Remember the word process. Hiring someone will take several steps, so be patient. Give this endeavor its due diligence in order to hire the best person possible for your business.


Since you’ve built up the best group of people in your business, make sure to involve your employees in the interview process. Having at least a second opinion from one of your managers on a new hire can easily diminish the chances of taking on a bad employee. This step in the hiring process also allows the potential hire meet parts of your team and get an idea of what it is like to work in your company’s environment.


Keep in mind that while the hiring process stops after the offer has been made, the effort of this process should overlap with integrating the new employee into the office. Give the new hire the best transition into the company by introducing them to their coworkers and bringing them together rather than dropping them off at their desk to fend for themselves. After all the hard work you just put into hiring this person, you wouldn’t want it to go to waste on giving them a bad impression of their new workplace.

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Hiring can be a difficult process, but when we interview a variety of people, look everywhere for talent, be patient, involve our employees in the interview process, and give the new hire the best transition, a difficult process just got a lot easier. It is immensely important to hire great people because our teams are what make our businesses. As small business owners, the best employees make for the best businesses.


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