Now more than ever is it easy for small business owners to always have great resources at their fingertips. With our smartphones perpetually in our pockets, we can constantly stay on top of our business thanks to the help of many mobile applications.

As a plethora of mobile app options exist today, it can be difficult to determine which ones may best serve your small business. We recommend and regularly use these eight top apps that you might consider downloading today.

Google Drive

The Drive is an invaluable addition to your mobile app lineup. The Google suite, in general, has so much to offer a small business. Not only does the Google cloud allow you 15 GB of free data storage, but its various functions across the platform allow your staff to sync across emails, utilize quick communication with applications like Hangouts, and collaboratively work on files in real-time in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides.

From your phone, you can view stored files in the Google Drive app. If you find yourself needing to edit documents on the run, for example, you can download Google Docs. You might want a specific folder dedicated just to Google services, which isn’t surprising with how useful these applications are for storing, communicating, and collaborating daily with your employees.


Hootsuite is a fantastic option for small business marketing on multiple social media platforms. Especially if your small business does not have an employee whose position is completely dedicated to marketing your company, it is important to have access to applications that will make content sharing and business promotion infinitely easier.

This application allows businesses to schedule posts, reply to comments and questions through one application, and gather information about your online presence, including data reflecting the company’s reach, growth, and performance. Hootsuite offers a free 30-day trial, so try it out today.


Mailchimp is the jack of all trades for marketing. You can use this service to assist in developing and maintaining your social media presence, designing the best landing page, and even for sending out postcards. Where Mailchimp really shines, though, is in email marketing.

There’s an art to email marketing, and Mailchimp helps small business owners craft, manage, and track their email campaign to have the best possible reach and monitor for best results. Creating an email campaign can be daunting, but Mailchimp makes it easier just from the screen of your smartphone.


Zoom is a company favorite of ours. Use Zoom for online meetings, with visual and voice calls as well as instant messaging. Keep all of your company communication with staff in one spot with this application.

Zoom can also easily be used to conference with clients simply by sending them a link to your online “waiting room.” If your client can’t use video conferencing, they can simply use Zoom as if it were a telephone. The possibilities are endless, and communication gets much easier with Zoom, which allows you to have full functionality both on your work computer and with your mobile device.


Slack is a communication and collaboration hub, and getting your business on this application will immediately streamline all of your processes. Talk, share, and work all within one app that you can use on your desktop and take with you on the go. Slack not only makes daily processes easier with its own chat and storage capabilities, but the app also integrates with all your other tools that you use regularly so that your information is not lost. Connect Google Drive, Zoom, Dropbox, and more to your Slack account for ease of switching between platforms.

Slack is also a safe application, with features like two-factor authorization to ensure that your company’s and client’s data is kept securely.


For those who must travel often for their business, it is important to have a way to accurately and easily track their mileage. Small business owners and their employees must have recorded this data in order to charge the mileage to the business so the company may write it off as an expense. Easily monitor your drives, distinguish between business and personal, and organize your data from your smartphone.

MileIQ offers forty free drives per month, and upgrading to unlimited drives will cost your business less than six dollars a month depending on what subscription you pick.

Receipt Bank

We can’t stress enough the priority of tracking and organizing your business expenses throughout the year, and having thorough records of your purchases and receipts gets incredibly easier by downloading Receipt Bank. No more tediously entering in numbers on a spreadsheet. Simply scan in your receipt through the application and allow Receipt Bank to extract and organize that data on a secure platform. Instantly have your transaction recorded with this application that easily integrates with popular accounting, payroll, and payment software, like Xero, Quickbooks, and

Start with a free two-week trial, although we promise you’ll want to subscribe after you see how much easier your small business accounting will be.


Xero is a conglomerate of small business needs built into one software that business owners can access both from their desktop to their mobile device. The application offers companies the opportunity to safely and securely integrate their business needs all into one service. Use Xero for time tracking, inventory, payments, payroll, invoicing, and more in a breeze by downloading Xero. Allow Xero to do the work for you, cutting down on the time spent on tracking and organizing your data and giving you more time to build your business.

We love Xero, so if you’re a client you probably already know how incredible Xero is for your business. If you’d like to try it out, get started with Gineris & Associates.

Making your best business gets easier when you leverage all of your resources, including that tiny computer you keep in your pocket. Create a folder dedicated to these eight apps to build and maintain your small business’ success.