As the job market gets more competitive, finding a great addition to your staff gets tougher. Use these tips to strengthen your hiring process.

Great candidates come and go easily, and if your hiring process isn’t strategized well, you might lose the best person that your small business could hire. It is important to narrow down the most integral methods to nailing your recruitment.

Elevate your search

Looking for your next best hire shouldn’t occur through just one platform. Widen your horizons and find the best person for your business by utilizing multiple sources. Advertise the opening in your company on job boards first, such as Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Glassdoor, Monster, or with other recruiters that are specific to your industry. Then, use your business’ social media to spread the message as far as possible through likes, shares, and boosted posts (paid-per-click advertisements). Don’t forget to network as well; the people that you know and respect might have someone in mind that would fit perfectly in your company.

Move quickly

With this market, you can’t waste any time in the hiring process. Do your best to work as fast as possible while searching for someone for the open position, and when you find a great potential hire, make them an offer! You don’t want to lose a top option to another company, so make sure you move quickly when you make a connection.

Consider top applicants from before

If you’ve hired for this opening previously, consider reviewing some of the top applicants from your last round of interviewing before. At the time, they weren’t the best fit in comparison to the person you did decide to hire, but they made it to the last round for a reason. We always state that we keep resumes on file, so why not pull them back up? Maybe they could be your best option now, and there isn’t any harm in reaching back out to someone who had shown a lot of potential.

Sell yourself and your company

As much as an interviewee spends time trying to sell themselves to the company, small business owners should also be selling themselves as well. Represent yourself and your company to the potential hire. Be honest, upfront, and specific about the environment and expectations for the position. The applicant is trying to see if your small business is a good fit for them, too, and a great hire might slip from your fingertips if they didn’t believe that your company could best serve them.

Cementing down an excellent recruitment process is hard work, but it is worth it when you can bring on the best candidates for your small business. In order to find the next best hire, cast a wide net over many platforms to get the word out about your opening, work quickly to close out the opening, reconsider top candidates from previous interviews, and sell yourself and your company well to the potential hire. Do these four things and your small business will be set up for hiring success.