This week, we will help you make your best business by utilizing data to better connect with your clients and the market.


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With modern technology, collecting data to improve your business has never been easier. Previously, businesses were forced to personally ask their customers face-to-face for any feedback on their practices, and this data was limited. It took a long time for businesses to collect data not only about their customers, but also about their competition and different products or services on the market. Now, with the advent of technology, small businesses can more easily receive feedback from their customers through online reviews and surveys identifying how well their business is operating and serving their clients. Small businesses not only can do that, but they also have the ability to research what competing companies are offering and what products or services that they could use to enhance their own businesses. A lot can be done to improve a small business when analyzing and collecting data.


Most importantly, the best course of action when analyzing data from various surveys and reviews is taking steps to better understand your customers. Those sources of feedback allow small businesses to gain insight into what customers need, want, and enjoy from their businesses. By taking client criticism into consideration, one can gear their business practices to improve and provide greater products or services, which would in turn foster advantageous reviews to better market yourselves to other potential clients. Not only would the “word of mouth” advertisements from current clients help draw new customers, but small business owners could, through use of surveys, ask current clients what sort of promotions initially prompted them to work with their company. Moreover, by monitoring the data of the business’s online presence, including the company website, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., it is easier to see which social media domains deserve the most attention, which are getting the most hits, and which need some more work. This analysis all comes together to form a superior online image that markets companies more effectively, and it is all made possible by interpreting and acting upon various forms of data.


Don’t forget the potential benefit that data analysis can serve your business when it comes to assessing your competition. Consider generating a comprehensive market analysis before making any big moves with your business. Knowing what other companies are doing to succeed and fail on the market is valuable information that will help guide your own business decisions. It is a lot of work, but a proper analysis yields useful data results.


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To succeed in the business world means to not get left behind. Utilizing data that is provided to you through your customers or other outlets allows you to constantly improve what your business offers and how you market yourself. Compiling data is easier now than ever with modern technology, and using data to better connect with your clients and the market will help you make your best business.

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